Тема: Релиз кандидат 4.0rc2 доступен для скачивания

Change log:
* Updated kernel to 3.0.3
* Updated udev to 173
* Updated glibc to eglibc-2.13
* Updated e2fsprogs base libs to 1.41.14
* Updated gcc base libs to 4.6.1
* Updated util-linux base libs to 2.19.1
* Updated all the custom core utilities to use the new repository area.
* New loadcpufreq to handle module loading.
* Updated eglibc for 486/586 support.
* Updated busybox 1.19.2 with latest patches and fix for chpasswd segfault.
* Updated ondemand for console based extensions via Freedesktop Exec=cliorx prgname
* Adjusted .xsession to handle X startup failure.
* Adjusted .setbackground colors for wallpaper handling.
* Updated AppBrowser Search and Keyword as described below.
* Updated ab Search and Keyword.
* Updated search.sh internal script support for new search method shared by AppBrowser & ab
* New keyword.sh internal script support for new keyword method shared by AppBrowser & ab

* Upgraded base Xlibs (microcore users need to get new Xlibs.tcz)
* Upgraded loadcpufreq ( C rewrite for speed)
* Upgraded busybox 1.19.2 with latest patch set.
* Recompiled base e2fsprogs, eglibc, gcc-base, util-linux for smaller size.

The Search method for both AppBrowser and ab is now a local info.lst search.
To use enter the starting few characters of the desired extension, e.g., abi for abiword, or ope for opera

Both AppBrowser and ab now offer Keyword searching.
Examples: enter browser to display browsers, enter game to list games.

The following has been deprecated in the 4.x series:
* Floppy Tool (floppytool.sh & fdtool)
* Starter Packs (loadpack & loadpack.sh)
* Hybrid Mode (boot local & mktclocal)

The new repository areas:

Attn: microcore users will need new wbar.tcz, Xlibs.tcz, and Xprogs.tcz from 4.x repository.

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